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About us.

A New You is a 3rd generation debt settlement company founded by debt settlement industry
pioneers Amber and Ryan Duncan. The business was birthed in their own season of financial
hardship having been real estate industry professionals during the market downturn of 2008.
Needing a solution for their own debt problems after suffering through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
they discovered the power of leveraging hardships in negotiating with creditors.


Now having been in the credit card origination, customer service, compliance and negotiation
business for the last 15 years, they have not only settled 100’s of millions of consumer debt, but
also helped to build debt settlement into one of the most valuable industries for consumers that
are struggling with consumer debt.


Every situation is different, however, there is not a consumer debt situation that A New You has
not faced. Whether credit card, medical bills, student loans, or judgements, our team can help
you eliminate this debt for pennies on the dollar.


It is time to start building A NEW YOU by becoming debt free!

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